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Old Borough Council Offices

Old Borough Council Offices

Haverfordwest has the peculiar and prestigious Town Council history, as already described to you, dating from the 1479 Charter.

The title that the Mayor is still given every year is; ‘The Mayor and Admiral of the Port of Haverfordwest’, though this is ceremonial now.

For many years the Town Council met in a room rather oddly situated on the top of the north porch of St Mary’s Church (the one that you have just come out of) and finally, this building was constructed in 1871.

Local government changed dramatically in 1888 with the introduction of County Councils which altered the make-up and responsibilities of the Borough or Town Council.

One hundred years later, in 1974, District Councils were introduced which rendered town councils to the status of community councils.

Haverfordwest Town Council now has its offices in Picton House on the far side of the New Bridge.

Turn around and go halfway up the steps in front of you.


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