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Dark Street

Dark Street

Dark Street lies between what was the Castle lake, for centuries an element of defence (now Castle Lake car park), and the much higher rear facades of the properties that you will have just viewed in St Mary’s Street.

Dark Street is mentioned in histories of the town for several different reasons; on execution days the town took on a fairground type atmosphere with up to five thousand people coming to watch hangings at the castle, during which the upper rooms of Dark Street properties on the right hand side were rented out for the day giving, apparently, an excellent view.

Another reason for momentarily coming to the news forefront was in 1888 when some of the Dark Street property owners brought a case against the developers and owners of the Temperance Hall, suggesting that their enjoyment of natural light had been affected. It was settled, apparently, with some money changing hands.

During the renovation of some of these properties the medieval lower floors/ cellars that have been revealed attest to the age of this part of the town.

At the end of this street you come into the...


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