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Bethesda Chapel

Bethesda Chapel

Here at the bottom of Barn Street is one of the town’s two Baptist Chapels; Bethesda.

The townsfolk had been receptive to itinerant Baptist ministers as early as 1740 with the first baptisms being performed in the river just above the Old Bridge. The present building erected in 1878 was the third chapel to be built on the site the total cost being £2199.

Built partly in the Romanesque style the architect George Morgan of Carmarthen incorporated his hallmark of round- headed windows and a fine central wheel window in the front elevation.

The huge, beautiful interior can accommodate 900 people.

In front of the imposing pulpit is the baptistery, the floor boards being lifted to allow total immersion.

A second Baptist Chapel, which opened in 1858 is located at the bottom of Prendergast and originally served the Welsh speaking population of the town.

On the other side of the road and back towards St Martin’s Church is the ...


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