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Tabernacle Congregational Chapel

Tabernacle Chapel and Schoolroom

It is impossible not to be impressed by the Tabernacle Congregational Chapel.

Howell Davies of Prendergast, known as ‘The Apostle of Pembrokeshire’, together with Howell Harries, Daniel Rowland, George Whitfield and others had already established societies in which Calvinistic views predominated.

One such society met in rooms in the nearby City Road, then Cokey Street and this Cokey Street Society was largely responsible for the building of Tabernacle in 1774. In 1790 however, members voted in favour of a more open form of chapel government. This resulted in the Calvinistic Methodists moving out and the Tabernacle becoming an Independent Congregational Chapel.

The interior is as striking as its exterior and has been described as evocative of a Roman Basilica.

Those worshippers who left Tabernacle were also known as Presbyterians. They moved first to Bridge Street and then for a period worshipped in a corn loft in Prendergast before building the Ebenezer Presbyterian Chapel in Perrot’s Road in 1817.


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