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Hermons Hill

A view of the castle can here be seen from one of the few positions which are higher than the old fortress. For this reason cannon were placed on this spot and bombarded the structure during the Civil War (1642-1648).

At the bottom of this short lane there is, on your left, the property known as Ty Mair, once a convent. The nuns from here were trained nurses and nursed Welsh poet, pacifist and Quaker, Waldo Williams before his death in May 1971.

Opposite is Hermon House, once considered the largest residential property in the town and for a period in the 19th century, the home of architect William Owen. It is suggested that architect John Nash (1752-1836) had input into the design of this property.

Follow the path to the left and continue along Goat Street. If you wish a shorter route, continue down the steps and descend Hill Lane which will take you to the bottom of High Street. To stay on this walk, continue to where this higher path meets with the road.


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