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Mariners Square

Hotel Mariners, Mariners Square

The Mariners Square forms the link between the bottom of Barn Street and the top of High Street.

Against the pine end of the property that joins Dark Street and Tower Hill was a particularly unpleasant small town jail which consisted of two small rooms, one on top of the other.

The area has long been dominated by the Hotel Mariners which boasts a presence here since 1625.

As you turn to the right and pass the entrance to Castle Lake car park, you are coming into an area long dominated not only by St Martin’s Church, the oldest of the town’s three churches, but also by a series of Non Conformist chapels.

It is worth turning left and going along Barn Street for a few yards to be able to view the iron work balcony that fronts the property known as Spring Gardens and the front of the....


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